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CALL | The Enigma of Objects, Edition 2 - Cycles








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CALL | The Enigma of Objects | Call for Entries | Jan - Mar 2023

For the second edition of The Enigma of Objects, we seek objects that evoke cycles. They might point to tight cycles that have us racing, or long and drawn out cycles that return us to a beginning. Some cycles operate inside us and some work upon us. Then, there are cycles that continue in spite of us. 

Anthropologists believe that humans develop rituals in the face of uncertainty, to gain a sense of control. These cultural processes are a way to bend uncertainty into circles. We navigate these again and again to find familiarity in the unknown. 

It’s no surprise that our rituals take this form. Nature is full of cycles - the sun arcs to sink into the horizon, only to trace the same path again; leaves grow only to fall and feed new buds. Menstruation too, is the circling hand of time.

We want to see and hear about objects that embody cyclic forces in your life. Submission guidelines below!


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Submissions: To feature your object + micro-stories in this instagram-based exhibition, please DM or e-mail the following details to

  • 2 photos of an object from your personal collection against a neutral backdrop. See photo guidelines in bio.
  • A short text on its significance and how it speaks to the theme. Max. 500 characters.
  • Your name and city. You may use a pseudonym if you wish to stay anonymous.

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Sunday, April 30, 2023