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Apprenticeship in Vocal Tai Chi








Entry Fee:

Fee details: 

“Through its ancient wisdom and knowledge of the body and mind; breathing, moving, and staying in balance, Tai Chi offers a perfect grounding form for working with your voice. Vocal Tai Chi safely invites and honours the imperfections of being human, including unknown daemons, respectfully and honestly engaging with them. As the pain hears its own voice, in unplanned trills, shakes, glissandi, and new melodic narratives, compassion gently awakens and soft pulsations of gratitude (for the integrity that the voice itself is revealing) begins to stir. “ 

Jenni Roditi, extract from forthcoming (November 2023) publication “The Routledge Companion to Women’s Musical Leadership – From the Nineteenth Century, and Beyond”, Edited by Prof. Helen Julia Minors and Laura Hamer. Jenni’s contributory chapter is titled: “Beyond Music Workshops – A Composer and a Community.”  

How to apply: 

Please go to Apprenticeship page on and use application form link. 


Crouch End, London. 

Prize Summary: 
One full scholarship and several part grants on offer
Prizes Details: 

The scholarship is for £2250 and covers the complete Apprenticeship. There are several part-grants of £750 on offer to cover one third of the cost of the Apprenticeship. 

Expiration date: 
Friday, January 27, 2023