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Ilya Semashkevich

Warsaw Poland
Age: 26-30
Gender: Male
Language: English, Polish, Russian
Professional title: Ilya Semashkevich
Ethnicities: White / European Descent
Body type: Athletic
Height: 180 cm / 5ft 11in
Weight: 75 kg / 165 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Union Membership: Nonunion
Skills: Music, Musical Theatre, Sound Design, Performance Art, performance, performing
Acting experience: Previous unpaid roles
Dance Ability: Beginner
Modeling experience: Beginner
About me:

The project, initiated in 2023 by the multigenre musician Ilya Semashkevich, a graduate of the jazz department in Nysa (PL) with partial studies in media at Mittweida (GE), represents a unique fusion of musical, theatrical, and cinematic creativity. After years of exploring numerous musical genres, Ilya found his path to free expression, leading to the creation of this project. Currently, 11 musical albums, 3 theatrical productions, 3 films, and 6 performances bear his name, along with 10 live performances.

His music is diverse and sensual, filled with atmospheric sounds, synthesizers, and guitar riffs. Blending ambient, electronic, and IDM genres, the musician experiments with various electronic music styles. The defining characteristic of his evolving work is the layering of melodic and harmonic structures, where the main tone blurs or creates a sense of the unconventional.

Each performance is a collective narrative woven through composed and improvised music. Ilya introduces new parts, rhythms, and even writes new pieces during live shows. "This allows me to fully express my music and reflect the place and people for whom I play," says the artist.

Currently, the artist actively collaborates with the theater and is working on new material. A significant step is the return to the "Imaginative mixing," created during his studies. This work serves as a manifesto of a new sound and a description of his vision for the future of music.

Education & Training:
Dzieja Druhaja (Warszawa, PL)– composer, sound designer, sound engineer FEB 2023 – PRESENT 3⁄4 UDGS (Bielsko Biała, PL) – arranger, music producer JUL 2020 – AUG 2021 SDS (Głogów, PL) – co-founder, music producer, songwriter, music teacher SEP 2021 – PRESENT Penumbrum (Warszawa, PL) – composer, sound engineer NOV 2022 – PRESENT Natur (Warszawa, PL) – composer, sound engineer JUN 2023 – PRESENT Berliner Telegraph (Chemnitz, DE) – composer, sound director for interviews and social video projects JUN 2018 – NOV 2018 Battle POINT (Praha, CZ) – music producer, arranger, sound engineer NOV 2018 – JUN 2019 Fundacja Dla Wolności (Warszawa, PL) – trainer, educator, music teacher OCT 2022 – PRESENT
Talent Agent: I don't have an agent